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7 May 2021

So today is the last day of our tenancy in Lamb's Conduit Street. We are very sad and it was quite upsetting seeing it swept, painted and polished and locking the door for the last time. But Edgar Buildings is being rather magical. This is our favourite detail of all. Please imagine the balconette, as it's apparently called, without window boxes (ours will be on the ground in front of the shop window)) and notice the way the 1923 horizontal decoration echoes them – we love this unwavering link from 1761 to 1923 to 2021. This is what the English Heritage website says here: 'Shopfront 1923 by WA Williams, with mutule cornice, triglyph friezes to pilasters and raised and fielded six-panel door with cobweb fanlight to left.' A mutule cornice is a thing apparently, as is a triglyph frieze; but why no mention of this wonderful art deco decoration which spreads across the shop front? That is surely worth a sentence of its own.

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