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8 May 2017


There is an excellent new book about Eric Ravilious timed to accompany the new Ravilious and Friendshop exhibition at the Towner. Tirzah Garwood figures quite largely in the book (which is by the nicely named Andy Friend and we sell it in the shop for £20) and it has several colour paintings by her which we would have loved to have in Long Live Great Bardfield – if Persephone books had colour – so the five colour paintings by Tirzah on the Post this week are something of a coda and a tribute to her book. This is a 1926-7 line-drawn coloured illustration called The Hypochondriac, © The Estate of Tirzah Garwood, no one knows what it was illustrating, perhaps a novel by someone like Richmal Crompton (who had published ten novels for adults by then): the details are superb, indeed the painting is a whole short story in itself.

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