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8th September 2022

Molly Martin has a light, gentle approach to darning and mending which goes hand in hand with her work as an illustrator. She combines delicacy and detail to both her stitching and illustrations, and uses her needle and pencil in the same way, whether she is building up a repair patch or making a drawing. She often draws what she mends; these socks reflect the affection for the pieces she works on as well as the delicate aesthetic which runs through all her work. Molly has worked as a professional textile repairer and researcher, specialising in delicate fabrics and traditional hand sewing techniques, and collaborates with TOAST. She teaches repair workshops in London and throughout the UK, and her Zoom classes for both mending and drawing are delightfully easy-going and inspirational. Her book The Art of Repair encapsulates her philosophy and easy-to-follow techniques. 

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