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9 April 2021

Never forget, as you walk along the Royal Crescent, the miracle that the German bombers missed it during the 'Baedeker Raids'. And, sorry to mention politics, never forget why being part of the EU was so marvellous and so crucial: there was an infinitely better chance that we would never again go to war with our European neighbours and that peace would continue in Northern Ireland. Alas, all wrecked now. However, let's finish the week with a note of optimism.This  verse is from one of Virginia Graham's wartime poems (Persephone Book No. 22 Consider the Years): 'Tomorrow I shall go to Bath. I shall leave my duties, however nationally important, far behind me, and I shall go to that proud quiet city. There I will be. There you will find me.' Thanks to the Persephone reader who reminded us of this. And, we might add, there, in that proud quiet city, after May 4th you will find Persephone Books.

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