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9 December 2020

And here is something about the life of the amazing Rose: 'Born into a cultured, orthodox Jewish family, she assisted at Basil Henriques’s East End boys’ club and founded a girls’ club in 1915. During the First World War she worked as a VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment), and she and Basil married in 1917. The clubs merged and in 1919 they founded the Oxford and St George’s Settlement Synagogue. In 1929, the club and synagogue relocated to Bernhard Baron House, Berners Street (now Henriques Street, named in 1963). Rose led the girls’ club, also providing activities for the elderly. During the Second World War she was an ambulance driver and air raid warden but also painted scenes she witnessed on a daily basis – mobile canteens and bombed out homes – and later volunteered in Germany, assisting and rehabilitating concentration camp survivors.' And through all this she painted!


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