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9 March 2018


Finally the Es, living in hovels and worse (there is a suggestion of someone being hung on the right) with no quality of life (as they wouldn’t have called it in 1948) at all. This grade includes intellectuals and we have put on the bookmark the scene in which one of the characters is graded E because he says he likes Picasso. Actually he doesn’t but ‘one of the things we’d hoped Socialism would do would be to give everyone a taste for Art and all that’ so he pretends to like him; only to be told that ‘if you hadn’t been so vehement, I might have fixed you up at Aberystwyth like we did Mr Rowse. But after what you said about Picasso, I’ve got no choice. You’re for the E’s.’ This is the most amazing book, a political tract but very, very funny. We publish it on April 19th but review copies are available now if anyone feels a review coming on.

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