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9 October 2015

(c) IWM (Imperial War Museums); Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

For anyone thinking of pursuing Fred (and Mary) Elwell further: there is a Beverley town trail consisting of life-size  reproductions of twenty-two of the paintings installed all around Beverley – so for example The Police Court is outside the Guildhall, which once had the Police Court inside it. This last Fred Elwell painting for the week is at the Imperial War Museum, it is called A Musical Interlude 1944 and it shows Billy Cotton and his Band at the Armstrong Munitions Factory. The book about Elwell comments: ‘This wonderful picture emphasises the spirit so essential  to raise the morale of a country torn by war and hardship…The famous dance orchestras were greatly augmented by talented women musicians, romantic singers of ballads and, most of all, a group of much loved and very hard-working comedians…. known and revered throughout the land.’

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