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They Were Sisters (audiobook)

by Dorothy Whipple

Narrated by: Sara Poyzer
Length: 14 hrs and 20 mins

When three sisters marry very different men, the choices they make determine whether they will flourish, be tamed or be repressed. Set in 1930s middle-class England, They Were Sisters is a compelling but harrowing novel by Dorothy Whipple first published in 1943.

Meet three women with contrasting partners: Lucy's husband is her beloved companion; Vera's husband bores her and she turns elsewhere; and Charlotte's husband is a horrifying bully who turns a high-spirited naive young girl into a deeply unhappy woman. This is the story of how those marriages shape the sister’s lives, the consequences of their decisions, and the sisterly love that hopes to save them from tragedy.

They Were Sisters is part of the Persephone Audiobook Collection produced in partnership with Macmillan Collector's Library.

Available wherever you usually get your audiobooks.

Also available as a Persephone Grey, a Persephone Classic and a Persephone E-Book.

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