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A Well Full of Leaves
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The Persephone Literary Map of Bath unfolds to reveal a large-scale map of Bath on one side and, on the other side, a portrait, a paragraph and an address for a total of 47 writers who at some point lived in Bath. They include Ann Radcliffe, Alexander Pope, John Betjeman, Jan Morris, Angela Carter, L P Hartley, Stefan Zweig, and more. We hope that our readers might want to spend a couple of hours walking to a few of the addresses and then come back to 8 Edgar Buildings for a cup of tea (and possibly a Bath bun). Bath has a centuries-old literary heritage, which began with Chaucer's Wife of Bath and Pepy's visit to take the waters and continues into the twenty-first century. By highlighting the addresses, the houses, the writers' homes, the Map emphasises that enduring Persephone theme: the domestic in the context of the literary, feminism in the context of literature. 

Recently updated with content including Sarah Scott and Mary Wollstonecroft, who lodged directly opposite the Persephone Books buildings for a couple of years aged 19 when she was working as a lady’s companion.


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