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Good Food on the Aga

by Ambrose Heath
Persephone book no:

44 45 46

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ISBN 9781903155356

The third Persephone cookery book originally came out in 1933, four years after the Aga was first sold in Britain: it was invented by a Swede who had lost his sight and has now been part of British life for more than seventy-five years. But although Good Food on the Aga is the perfect cookbook for those with an Aga, it can easily be used by those without since only the first part, about forty pages, is specifically about Aga cooking ('The Aga Cooker, its Management and Scope'); the second part, organised into months, has a list of food in season at the beginning of each section followed by very easy-to-follow recipes suitable for any kind of cooker. All eight of our cookery books take us back to a time when knowledge of what food was in season was an essential part of every cook's equipment - and when the technique of riddling the Aga was a vital part of everyday life. The numerous illustrations are by Edward Bawden.


Endpapers taken from a 1933 blockprinted linen furnishing fabric designed by Bernard Adeney.

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From a 1933 Aga brochure

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The Oldie

A delight for all cooks, not just those with Agas.

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