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The Second Persephone Book of Short Stories

by Persephone Books
Persephone book no:

131 132 133

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The Far Cry
A Well Full of Leaves
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ISBN 9781910263228

The Persephone Book of Short Stories (PB No. 100), which celebrated our one hundredth book, has been a great success and so, in 2019, in order to celebrate twenty years of publishing, we brought out The Second Persephone Book of Short Stories (PB No. 132)  and we hope that it brings the same pleasure to thousands of readers. Again, there are thirty stories, spanning nearly a century (from 1896–1984). Twelve are taken from the twelve volumes of stories we have published over the last few years; nine were previously published in our quarterly (later biannually) magazine during the last decade; and nine have been selected especially for this collection. They are presented in the order they were written. A quarter are by North American women writers.

Our proofreader wrote: ‘VERY ENJOYABLE, though some of the stories eg. “Monkey-Barges” by Emma Smith are exceedingly painful. It seems to me the common themes are grief over the two World Wars. This is stronger in the earlier part of the book, how to cope with a new order being stronger in the latter. Completely fascinating. Book Groups will love it.’


The front endpaper (above) is 'Tiger Lily', 1986 by Lindsay Butterfield for GP & J Baker. The back endpaper is 'Havana', a screen-printed cotton fabric design by Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell for Fischbacher Ltd.  Both © V&A Images

Picture Caption

Roger Fry, 'Lady Seated in an Omega Interior', date unknown

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