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A Well Full of Leaves
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Endpapers are integral to a Persephone book. Each title features one taken from a textile designed around the time the book was written or is set and that also somehow thematically evokes what the book is about. Many are by neglected female textile designers, others come from a dress or scarf that we own, one (The Oppermans) comes from a rug we found in the bottom of a laundry basket.

Here you can purchase a random selection of 20 different Persephone endpapers. They can be used for collages, doll's houses, origami, book-binding, and all sorts of other projects too. The endpapers have come directly from our printers, GGP in Germany (you can see a video of them being produced here). They measure 28cm by 40 cm with a thin white line around the edge and a thin white line down the middle (because one sheet is used for two books).

(The endpaper pictured here is the one used for PB no. 102, The Exiles Return, and is from a roller-printed rayon furnishing fabric designed by Jacqueline Groag for David Whitehead in 1953.)

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