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A Well Full of Leaves
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Our fabric envelopes come in three different designs: the multi-coloured pattern used for the endpaper for The Far Cry, the red and cream pattern used for the endpaper for As It Was, and the blue and white pattern used for the endpaper for A Well Full Of Leaves

Each envelope neatly fits a Persephone book inside, except for the very long ones over 600 pages like Few Eggs, The Oppermanns and National Provincial, where it is a bit of a squeeze. It is a way to gift-wrap books that is kinder to the environment than paper, but the envelopes have a number of other uses too: as a sandwich bag, a make-up bag, or just to keep your current read clean rather than covered in ink or crumbs.

The envelopes have been specially designed for us by Re-Wrap, a social enterprise in South India which manufactures organic cotton products in a way that impacts positively on its women suppliers and employees.

Christmas offer

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