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The Far Cry
A Well Full of Leaves
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The Persephone Literary Map of Bath unfolds from A4 to A1 to reveal a large-scale map of Bath on one side and, on the other side, a portrait, a paragraph and an address for a total of 45 writers who at some point lived in Bath. They include Ann Radcliffe, Alexander Pope, John Betjeman, Jan Morris, Angela Carter, L P Hartley, Stefan Zweig, and more. We hope that our readers might want to spend a couple of hours walking to a few of the addresses and then come back to 8 Edgar Buildings for a cup of tea (and possibly a Bath bun). Bath has a centuries-old literary heritage, which began with Chaucer's Wife of Bath and Pepy's visit to take the waters and continues into the twenty-first century. By highlighting the addresses, the houses, the writers' homes, the Map emphasises that enduring Persephone theme: the domestic in the context of the literary, feminism in the context of literature. 


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