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Evelyn Dunbar and Charles Mahoney

Evelyn Dunbar

Evelyn Dunbar

Cyril 'Charles' Mahoney (1903-68) went to Beckenham School of Art before going to the RCA, where he taught from 1928-53. In 1932 he was asked to oversee the creation of a large mural at a school in Brockley, South London, Evelyn Dunbar being one of his student assistants. When it was finally finished, they worked together on Gardeners' Choice (1937). He married Dorothy Bishop in 1941 and was then a teacher, painter, botanist, draughtsman and illustrator. Evelyn Dunbar (1906-60) grew up in Rochester, Kent (scene of many of her paintings). After Rochester School of Art, in 1929 she went to the RCA; its principal (Rothenstein) said about her that she had 'real genius'. Once work on the Brockley mural ended (and her affair with Mahoney was over) she drew and painted freelance, marrying Roger Folley in 1942. During the war she was the only salaried woman War Artist. There are 44 of her paintings on the BBC/PCF website.

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