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Ambrose Heath

Ambrose Heath, author of numerous cookery books including Good Food on the Aga and The Country Life Cookery Book.

Ambrose Heath was the pseudonym of Francis Gerald Miller (1891-1969). The son of an electrical engineer, he was educated at Clifton College and went into journalism before he was 20. During the 1930s he became a well-known cookery journalist and broadcaster and the author of many cookbooks. He was cookery correspondent of The Queen from 1938-64 and wrote over seventy books between 1932 and 1968. His first book was Good Food (1932); Good Food on the Aga appeared the following year, four years after the Aga was first sold in Britain. (It was invented in 1922 in Sweden by Dr Gustave Dalen, who had lost his sight and designed a stove that was easy for the blind to use.) The Country Life Cookery Book with illustrations by Eric Ravilious came out in 1937.

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