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Our magazine, the Persephone Biannually, is published twice a year and includes articles about our latest titles.

Issue No.30, about our Spring / Summer 2022 books, came out in April 2022. Issue No.31, about our Autumn books, will be published in October 2022.

A digital version of the latest Biannually is available to view or download here.  Alternatively, you can order a paper copy online here free of charge in the UK, although to send it abroad we charge for shipping: it's £3 to Europe, £5 to the Rest of the World. 

Or, if you order a Persephone book and are in the UK, you will automatically receive the Biannually free of charge for two years.

If you would like even more information, the Persephone Catalogue has much more detail about each of our books, and about the endpapers; a digital version is available to view or download here or you can order a paper copy here at a cost of £2.50 plus postage.

Or, to subscribe to the Persephone Letter, which is an email we send out about once a month, fill in your details on our Home Page.

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