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Constance Maud

Constance Maud

Constance Maud

Constance Maud (1857-1929), the elder daughter of the rector of Sanderstead, Surrey, was educated in France and later lived at the family homes in France and in her flat in Chelsea. In 1895 she published a children’s book about the heroines of classical music and poetry. Five works of humorous pseudo-travel literature about the eccentric Maud family in France (An English Girl in Paris, My French Friends, Felicity in France, Angélique, My French Year) appeared from 1902 onwards. A Daughter of France, a novel that was later turned into a play about the pressure on the Modern Woman to get married against her will, came out in 1908. Constance Maud worked for many years for women’s suffrage, participating energetically in suffrage activity and writing articles for the suffragist newspaper Votes for WomenNo Surrender was published in November 1911; it is faithful to real events, and some of the main characters are based on leading suffrage figures.

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