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Diana Tutton

Diana Tutton

Diana Tutton

DIANA (Dinah) TUTTON née Godfrey-Faussett-Osborne (1915–91), youngest of four daughters, was brought up at Pipe Hill House, Lichfield, and on the family estate in Kent; taught sketchily by a governess, she lived at home until her wartime marriage to Captain John Tutton. With her mother, she drove a WVS mobile canteen, before she followed her husband to Kenya and joined the FANYs. A daughter was born in 1942, after which she lived and worked on a farm. In 1945 the family returned to a house in Chatham and  another daughter was born before, in 1948, they went to Malaya for three years. Here Dinah Tutton, a staunch officer’s wife, wrote the bestselling Guard Your Daughters (1953); it was  in fact her second novel, the first, Mamma, being published in 1956. In Malaya again from 1956–8, she wrote her third novel The Young Ones (1959). The family later lived in the Midlands before moving to Gloucestershire, where Dinah Tutton was an active supporter of the Liberal Party.

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