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F M Mayor

FM Mayor

F M (Flora Macdonald) Mayor was born in 1872. Her father was a professor of classics and her mother an admired musician and linguist. After Surbiton High School she went up to Newnham College, Cambridge to read History - although mostly spent the time 'bicycling, dancing, talking and acting'. She attempted to have a career as an actress but after 1903, and the shock of her fiancé's death in India, went to live quietly with her twin sister doing good works, occasionally visiting Italy, and teaching at Sunday School. In 1901 she published a collection of stories for children. Her first novel, The Third Miss Symons, came out in 1913 and her third, The Squire's Daughter, in 1929. Her masterpiece, The Rector's Daughter, was published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press in 1924. Fragile all her life because of asthma, she died at her home in Hampstead in 1932 when she was 59.

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