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Gladys Huntington

Gladys Huntington

Gladys Huntington, author of Madame Solario, in 1957

Gladys Huntington née Parrish (1887-1959) was born in Philadelphia to a wealthy Quaker family which lived, variously, in New York, Paris, London, Biarritz, Romer, and a villa on Lake Como. She married Constant Huntington of Boston, who had moved to London to open the London office of the publisher Putnam's; the couple lived in Hyde Park Gardens, where their daughter Alfreda was born in 1922, and after at Amberley House in Sussex. A novel, Carfrae's Comedy, was published in 1915, and a play, Barton's Folly, was produced in London ten years later. The bestselling Madame Solario (1956), set on Lake Como in 1906, was begun in 1944 but only finished after two short stories appeared in The New Yorker; its publication was anonymous, the author's name not being revealed until 1986; it was translated into seven languages. Qui écrit Madame Solario? came out in France in 1992. A film was made in 2012.

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