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Judith Rossner

Judith Rossner

Judith Rossner

JUDITH ROSSNER (née Perelman), the elder of two daughters, was born in 1935 in New York; her father sold textiles and her mother was a school teacher. She went to school and college in New York and in 1954 married Robert Rossner, a teacher and writer; they had a daughter in 1960 and a son in 1965. A brief marriage to Mordecai Persky was followed by a long, happy relationship with the publisher Stanley Leff. The first of Judith Rossner’s novels came out in 1966; her fourth, Looking for Mr Goodbar (1975) sold 4 million copies, was on the New York Times bestseller list for 36 weeks (three of them at number one) and was filmed with Diane Keaton. Emmeline (1980), her sixth novel, was based on the tragic fate of a real 13-year-old in nineteenth century Maine, sent to work in a textile mill; it was made into an opera in 1996 and has been performed several times. Judith Rossner died in 2005.

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