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Madeline Linford

Madeline Linford

Madeline Linford, author of Out of the Window

Madeline Linford, born in 1895, was brought up in Manchester, but was later sent south to a boarding school in Surrey. When she was 13 her father had a severe breakdown and died a few years later; partly for financial reasons, aged 18 she started working in the advertising department of the Manchester Guardian, and was soon promoted to the editorial department. In 1919 the editor, C P Scott, asked her to go to Europe to report on conditions there after the war; not long after her return she was appointed the paper’s first Women’s Page editor. Between 1923 and 1930 she wrote five novels and a biography of Mary Wollstonecraft, her last novel being Out of the Window (1930). After it was published she decided to concentrate on her work at the paper, both as a commissioning editor and as a writer. She worked for the WVS during WWII and in 1950, after her retirement, she went to live in Windermere, where she died in 1975.


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