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Rose Allatini

Rose Allatini, author of Despised and Rejected (1918)

Rose Allatini (1890-1980) was born in Vienna to an Italian-Jewish businessman/diplomat and an Austro-Polish mother. Brought up in London, she studied music and wrote three well-received romatic novels. Despised and Rejected was published in May 1918 under the pseudonym AT Fitzroy; 800 copies were sold before the book was deemed 'morally unhealthy and most pernicious' and the publisher CW Daniel, a pacifist and Tolstoyan, was put on trial, fined and ordered to surrender the remaining 200. In 1921 Rose Allatini married the composer Cyril Scott, a fellow Occultist, and for the next few years worked closely with him and had two children in 1923 and 1926. In the 1930s she published short stoires as Mrs Cyril Scott and three novels as Lucian Wainwright. During the was she lived with the theosophist and novelist Melanie Mills ('HK Challoner') at Beckley near Rye, later moving back to London. She wrote nearly thirty more novels under the name Eunice Buckley.

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