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Stella Martin Currey

Stella Martin Currey

Stella Martin Currey, author of One Woman's Year

Stella Martin Currey (1907-94), the eldest of four children, was born in South Africa, where she lived until she was six: her father J P Martin (later the author of the Uncle books) was a Methodist minister. After boarding at a school for daughters of the clergy she bagan an appprenticeship on the Bristol Times and was soon given a column of her own. In 1932 she married South African born Ralph 'R N' Currey; he taught at Colchester Royal Grammar School from 1934-73 and was a well-known poet. She published her first novel, about a young woman journalist who has to choose between her marriage and a career, in 1933, and over the next few years wrote four more novels and a non-fiction account of her peripatetic life, with her two sons, during the war. Later she wrote short stories for magazines, plays for stage and television, a life of her father and in 1953, One Woman's Year; it is dedicated to her friend Tirzah Garwood.

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