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The Making of a Marchioness (audiobook)

by Frances Hodgson Burnett
M4B Audiobook

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Little Lord Fauntleroy (1886) and The Secret Garden (1911) are enduring bestsellers, but The Making of a Marchioness, now read as an audiobook by Lucy Scott in a Story Circle production, is many people's favourite: this 1901 novel was one of Nancy Mitford's favourite books, Marghanita Laski loved it, and some US college courses teach it alongside Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre. In the Cinderella and Miss Pettigrew tradition, Marchioness is 'delightful... A sparky sense of humour combined with lively social commentary make this a joy to read' said the Bookseller while Kate Saunders told Open Book listeners that she was up until two in the morning finishing this 'wildly romantic tale whose hero and heroine are totally unromantic'; the Guardian referred to 'a touch of Edith Wharton's stern unsentimentality', the Spectator wrote about the novel's 'singular charm' and the Daily Mail stressed the 'sharp observations in this charming tale.' 

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