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1 September 2020

We are back! The Post is restarting after a month's absence, tonight the Letter will restart and as of today there will be one of us in the shop every day and we are  again open to customers (though for the moment only from noon till three o'clock). In Germany, they are getting ready to print the two new books and the four reprints.  We shall start working on the new Biannually (which should arrive around October 22nd). And so it goes. This week: four things which are typique of September, first of all: crab apples, the picture taken from the blog A Colourful Life here, ditto the recipe which basically consists of simmering the washed crab apples with sugar (about one to one but slightly less sugar) for a couple of hours, straining the glorious pink result through a muslin cloth and ladling it into washed and oven-sterilised pots.

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