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10 April 2020

Wheelwright, Jane Elizabeth, c.1876-1957; Tulips in a Pewter Tankard

And finally, some tulips which do actually look the tulips in our garden: Tulips in a Pewter Tankard by Jane Elizabeth Wheelwright (1876-1957). Happy Easter to every reader of the Post and fingers crossed that Easter Monday will bring better news. Personally, we are optimistic that the lockdown will slowly start to be lifted. This is because the person with whom I’m in isolation is good at maths and statistics and he explains why the figures are not as bad as they seem. But maybe this is misplaced optimism she says as she reaches for another hot cross bun, a present from a neighbour. For there are many, many blessings to count and we are busy counting them. Let us never forget, us fortunate people who can obsess about tulips and munch hot cross buns and moan because they can’t see their friends and family: millions and millions are far, far worse off and we must hope and pray that things will improve for them. We Persephone readers are basically fine and need no sympathy. But empathy we have in abundance and we send every empathetic thought.

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