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14 April 2020


Apologies that this post is so late (although many readers of the Post will not notice, being abroad). But it is very hard to be in the rhythm of uploading the Post first thing every morning when the morning itself has no rhythm. However, here we are, and the good news is that Lydia is in the shop today starting to catch  up on orders (330 of them) which have been stalled since lockdown happened.  Then Maud and Emily will continue the task and in a week or two we should ‘catch up’. We are hoping to be back in the office as normal in May and to reopen the shop in June. But who knows: we are watching Spain’s slow return to work with interest and anxiety. On the Post this week: flowers that we would like to plant but are sold out! So all we can do is gaze wistfully at the pictures. These are sweet peas from Marshall’s.

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