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10 November 2020

At Persephone Books part of our heart will always remain in India. It is not just the beauty, the colour, the literature (The Far Cry, A Passage to India and the Raj Quartet are all eternal favourites) but, obviously, the people. They are so incredible that it is impossible to describe to anyone who hasn't been there. On our last trip to India we were only thirty miles from the village where Kamala Harris's ancestors come from. We can imagine it so well! And here is a picture of some of the wonderful schoolgirls who followed us wherever we went, asking questions (but in a very friendly and unirritating way). If you go to Tamil Nadu it is the schoolgirls, the distant relations of the US Vice-President-Elect that you will think of most often. How incredibly lucky the USA is to have someone like Kamala Harris at the top of government. If only we were so lucky in the UK. One day, one day...

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