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12 November 2020

And now the wonderful rightness of Kamala Harris being married to someone Jewish! Someone Jewish who looks so nice and normal and maybe can exorcise the horror (for Jews) of being in any way at all associated with people like Robert Maxwell and Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein – gross, the lot of them, they make one bitterly ashamed. Doug Emhoff is an incredibly cheering symbol of goodness and kindness and normality and decency. Let's start praying now that the media don't manage to smear him with anything, obviously they are trying but maybe they just can't find anything. (And please don't write and say that the Post should stick to art and architecture and 'easy on the eye' subjects. It mostly does – next week will be the work of the primitive artist Alfred Wallis – but, repeat after me, Publishing Is Political.)

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