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17 April 2019

e w davison

The Women’s London book is full of interesting little details, for example this photograph of the broom cupboard plaque in the House of Commons.. It’s rather moving that it was put on there by Tony Benn and that his son Hilary is now being such a force for good in the Remain campaign. And his wife Caroline wrote some good books about women’s history. Emily Wilding Davison is one of the stars of the film Suffragette (so worth a re-watch). Tomorrow’s Post is the last before Easter, we are closed on Good Friday, open on Saturday (thanks Rose!), closed on Sunday and Monday and we re-open on Tuesday. That is the day the new Biannually starts to arrive and on Thursday the new book are officially published. Our mailing list has been swelled by a thousand readers of the New York Times. Hands across the Ocean indeed, we are so delighted to have them.

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