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19 February 2020

'Hampstead's nameplates are made of tiled letters, generally embedded into that they become integral to their environment – part of the very fabric of the area...Fortunately the council, encouraged by local historians and residents' associations, is making attempts to maintain and even recreate the signs.' This is the 1905 Minton catalogue. When lockdown is over we thoroughly recommend a Hampstead street sign walk, the signs really are a thing of beauty. Come out of the tube, turn right and on the second corner  you will rind a postbox in the wall and Elm Row NW3 leading to Hampstead Sq and Church underneath. This sign has particular sentimental value as Jim Ede lived in Elm Row before he moved to Kettle's Yard and this will have been his local postbox – and sign. Its beauty and simplicity and friendly tone probably influenced his house at Kettle's Yard.

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