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2 March 2017

lamshade 1935 v bell. duncan grant lampjpg

The 1935 lamp base is by Duncan Grant and the lampshade by Vanessa Bell. But they would have sniggered seeing them here: a) the lampshade is much too small and can’t have been on that base originally b) in the background you can see the horrible varnished wood which is the hallmark of Two Temple Place. The house itself is beautiful but the wood panelling and the patterned carpets are grim. Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell, and indeed the other artists on display eg. David Jones and Eric Gill, would immediately have painted the panelling white and replaced the carpets with bare boards or rush matting. But hey ho someone must love chestnut coloured wood panelling and carpets. It’s just that this lampshade looks a tad incongruous in that setting.

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