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2 March 2018

D and R fabric

And this is a 1918 design that was actually manufactured – on shantung silk by William Foxton in 1919: and we have used it as the endpaper for Rose Allatini’s 1918 novel Despised and Rejected. We are using the V & A’s sample seen here (although they have it the wrong way up, whereas we have assumed that the author of the textile book is correct and have used it this way). (Once we would explain why a particular textile was chosen but gave this up as it was so open to misinterpretation. Suffice it to say that, obviously, the date was correct; the colours are sufficiently muted for a novel about a gay conscientious objector; the design is modernist, which the book definitely is – after its distinctly Edwardian opening; and although this design is presumably of crescent moons, there is also something reminiscent of human anatomy about it.)

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