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23rd September 2022

With Island 2022, Cornelia Parker (b.1956) explores the concept of the greenhouse as a symbol of contemporary Britain. Laura Cumming in the Observer wrote, "A greenhouse stands alone in a shadowy gallery...its glass is marked all over with chalk dabs, made using chunks of the white cliffs of Dover. Nothing is growing. All you can see are the ecclesiastical-looking salvaged tiles from Pugin’s House of Commons lining the floor. A little England, encamped, enclosed and empty, cut off from Europe in the one-word poem of Parker’s title – Island.” Even if you are ambivalent about conceptual art, the Tate Britain exhibition of Cornelia Parker's work is worth seeing: beautiful, thought-provoking, witty and often darkly funny, with excellent display labels written by Cornelia Parker herself. It runs until 16th October.

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