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26th September 2022

Paper marbling is currently enjoying something of a renaissance after a small number expert of marblers kept the craft alive during the twentieth century. One such artist was Tirzah Garwood, later Ravilious (1908-51), author of Long Live Great Bardfield. Visitors to the Fry Gallery in Saffron Walden can open drawers to discover the unique, innovative 'pattern papers' (as she calls them in her book) she created in Great Bardfield with the help and collaboration of Charlotte Epton, later Bawden. They display a breathtaking mastery of this art to create complex, delicate repeat patterns which were used for books, lampshades and the decoration of Brick House. The V&A holds twelve specimens of Tirzah's marbled paper including this one, and there is a small number of her papers in the excellent Schmoller Collection at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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