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24 June 2016

Vere copy

‘I think this is an absolutely devastating result. Personally, I feel pretty heartbroken. It has revealed massive divisions within our country’ said Caroline Lucas, the Green MP this morning. Heartbroken indeed is how we are feeling. Although 52% of the British people do not realise it yet, and will not realise it for many, many months to come, this is the most devastating day for Britain since September 3rd 1939. Vere Hodgson, a passionate and committed European, would have been as despairing as we are today. But in Few Eggs and No Oranges she never gave up on her efforts to help other people and on her liberalism and nor shall we at Persephone Books. (This is a newly-discovered photograph of Vere, we have just given two boxes of her papers to Kensington Public Library, where they are joining the original manuscript of Few Eggs and No Oranges.)

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