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26 February 2020


Tulips will be forever associated with Jane Brocket – with her erstwhile blog, with her Instagram ‘feed’ and  with several other places. She now has an allotment which will soon be a bower of tulip bliss and we had planned a trip to Holland together at the end of April but this may now be on hold because of world events. But in any case she planted the tulips in our window boxes in Lamb’s Conduit and they will be up soon: a tribute to Jane’s fantastic eye, her (fifteen or  is it eighteen books), her embroidery, quilting, knitting, cooking and gardening – cf. her first book about the domestic arts which we still consult, often. (We met Jane because of Persephone. She would come in to the shop and one day she said, I am going to start a blog. ‘What is a blog?’ we said. Now her daughter Phoebe is advising us on the successes and failures of our website and what to change when we have a rebuild in the summer!)

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