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27 July 2020

                          For the last week of the Post before we close for August we are turning to five of 'our' authors. We usually try not to be too 'sell-y' on the Post but to focus on subjects which are (we think) relevant to our books – yet without being overtly obvious about it. However, this week we are, tout simple, recommending five holiday reads with pictures of their authors. First of all Dorothy Canfield Fisher. It is hard to imagine that anyone reading the Persephone Post has not read the astonishing and extraordinarily prescient The Homemaker. But if you haven't you must now. And we for our part have just sent The Deepening Stream (written six years later, also by the blessed DCF) to the typesetter and are thrilled that we shall be publishing it next April. What a gem! Words cannot describe how moved and engrossed and overwhelmed we were when we read it in April. The Homemaker, which we first published in 1999 of course, is a gem as well. We have said it before and we are saying it again here: why does the US not recognise DCF as one of their greatest writers? It's a mystery but then there have been so many mysteries of a similar nature during our twenty years of running Persephone Books...

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