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29 March 2019

2473On the day we were due to leave the EU (and in fact in the office we feel more European than ever and actually slightly in love with Donald Tusk because of the lovely message he sent the million on Twitter) we want to remind the occasional person who says enough is enough: PUBLISHING IS POLITICAL. Come to the shop, buy our books by mail order, look at the Post and the Letter, READ the books – but never forget that we have not published one book that does not have a political message. And in the case of Persephone Books as a project, an organisation, a small business, the message is this: since 1945 we have had peace in Europe. Being part of the European Union is part of maintaining this peace. That is why we care and that is why we say: Women Writers for Europe! (Btw, we still have some posters, they are free in the shop or if you ring up and twist Lydia’s arm she will post one.) However, all this seems rather disrespectful when the Post this week is meant to be commemorating Rose Hilton. But of course she was as political as they come and would not have wanted things differently. We shall end with today’s Guardian obituary and with one of Rose’s most recent paintings, Afternoon Chat 2014.

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