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1 April 2019

ralph-beyerRalph Beyer (obituary here) carved inscriptions and we shall have one on the Post every day this week: it’s more crucial than ever to remember that the important things in life are aesthetics, hard work, sensitivity, kindness and so on so forth. ‘Beyer is particularly well known in the UK for his carvings which adorn (are rather a part of the very fabric) of Coventry Cathedral. This illustration is from that place, set into the floor (look closely, adjust your eyes and you’ll see people at the bottom of the image to give scale)’ (from All About Lettering here). (With another terrible week ahead, we feel a calm re-reading of Howards End coming on: it really is one of the great novels, and how extraordinarily percipient that the Wilcoxes are called, well, Wilcox and the Schlegels’ name is – German. Forster was truly a visionary.)

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