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8 April 2015


Apologies there was no Post yesterday. The stress of continuing jet lag; the website going down (the explanation was ‘a rogue file on the server that we did not put there’, aargh) and getting the new Biannually to the printer (it has gone and will be sent out on April 20th) means that we actually forgot the Post Or perhaps subconsciously we are civil servants (in the UK they get the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday as extra holiday – correction by the time the shop opened at 10 – apparently they are all hard at work and getting the Tuesday is a thing of the past!). The plan was that this week we would focus on a wonderful Australian painter called Cressida Campbell. But now she will be short-changed. Well, we shall make it up in other places (Facebook for example). It was a Persephone reader in Australia who alerted us to Nasturtiums 2002, she knew we would like it and indeed we love it. It’s particularly timely as the sunshine in the UK means that we are all beginning to think about seed packets.

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