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9 December 2019

0000000001C002402C4We promised you something political on the Post this week (and we promised not to rant). Thus the most positive and uplifting thing to post is surely pictures of women politicians we admire, indeed fervently admire, so if we were going to allow ourselves to rant it would be say – why oh why can’t the UK have someone of their calibre instead of the shabby, dishonest, incompetent crew we are lumbered with? Yes there are many , or perhaps several, exceptions. And btw one tends to glimpse the most brilliant people on the Parliament Channel during some run-of-the-mill debate when an MP of whom one had never heard before stands up and speaks with eloquence and intelligence. However, these are not qualities displayed by anyone in the cabinet. Hey ho. We are still faintly optimistic that the overall decency of the Brits will make itself felt on Thursday. But only faintly. For now, this week on the post,  the first woman politician we admire is Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand (which is having a horrible time at the moment). Here is an article about her from Foreign Policy which said: ‘In an era defined by the emergence of populist leaders who are often authoritarian, reactionary, and male, Ardern stands out as progressive, collaborative, and female. Her speech at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2018 fueled her growing reputation as the “anti-Trump”. She called for, among other things, kindness and collectivism as an alternative to isolationism, protectionism, and racism.’ Kindness should be the keyword for all politicians. We are wishing…

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