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9 October 2017


People who visit the shop often ask about the posters. A few are for sale at £10 each but most of them are part of the Persephone collection i.e. we have acquired them over the years and, luckily, had them framed, or they crumple into nothing. We have both original and reproduction (rather as we have fresh flowers next to silk flowers from Bloom) and they came from many sources eg. Rennie’s, Onslows, Neil Jennings, Manning, The London Transport MuseumThe Imperial War Museum. (Until Christmas we also have an original  ‘The Seven Rules of Health’ for sale: it’s on Instagram here.) This week on the Post – five of the posters hanging in the shop. First of all, the one that faces you as you come in. It’s by Abram Games and belonged to an ancestor who had kept it in a drawer since the war: a  true, unwrecked original.

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