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Salon Music Concert: Trio Paradis

The Persephone Bookshop
Sunday 21st April
8pm to 9pm

An hour-long concert of salon music featuring Trio Paradis. Champagne and cheese straws will be served.

Bath-based Trio Paradis - Jacquelyn Bevan (piano), Lisa Betteridge (violin) & Linda Stocks (cello) - specialise in performing and championing works by women composers. Tonight’s programme will be a collection of some of Nicola Beauman’s favourite salon music, including many shorter, tuneful serenades and other short pieces by composers - male and female almost equally! - including: Mel Bonis Soir, Isaac Albéniz Tango in D, Pauline Viardot Havanaise, Edward McDowell To a Wild Rose, Laura Netzel Serenade, and works by Franz Schubert, Fanny Mendelssohn and others.

There will also be biographical details and anecdotes about the composers. 

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