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Salon Music Concert: Limáni Trio

The Persephone Bookshop
Friday 19th April
9pm to 10pm

An hour-long concert of salon music performed by Limáni Trio. Champagne and cheese straws will be served.

Limáni Trio was started by chance in London during the second lockdown when pianist Maya Irgalina approached violinist Anna Ziman and cellist Ricardo Tauber on the street as they were returning home from performing in an online concert. Realising that they were neighbours, the group decided to start an ensemble as they all desperately missed music making. The musicians began meeting up to rehearse with the objective to explore the Piano Trio repertoire. Limáni Trio has appeared performing at such venues as Pushkin House, London, Blackheath Halls, 22 Mansfield Street and participated in a number of charity recitals in support of Ukraine.

The three enjoy prosperous musical careers in London: Maya Irgalina performs internationally with UK highlights including Barbican, Wigmore Hall, Machynlleth Festival, Oscar Wilde Weekend, and Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

Anna Ziman enjoys a teaching career at the Yehudi Menuhin School as well as freelancing with different orchestras in the UK including orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Arch Sinfonia and Gabriely ensemble.

After graduating in 2017, Ricardo Tauber was Guest Principal cello and a regular extra in various orchestras in Portugal and Spain. After returning to the UK, Ricardo regularly performs with a number of orchestras in London and its surroundings including the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Covent Garden Sinfonia, Arch Sinfonia, Brighton Philharmonic, amount others.



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