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The Far Cry
A Well Full of Leaves
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We can send a Persephone book a month for either six months or twelve months; a little like a book subscription, this makes an excellent present either for yourself or for someone else.

When you place your order, we shall then send out a copy of the Persephone Catalogue with a card from us explaining how to choose which titles you would like, as well as how to let us know where to send them. Both will be beautifully wrapped up in one of our reusable fabric envelopes.

(If you are buying this as a present, you can either enter your own address as the shipping address if you would like to give the above items to the recipient yourself; alternatively, enter the recipient's shipping address if you would like us to send the information to them directly. We can include a gift note too – please write the wording for it in the Gift Message box on the Basket page.)

You can also, if you wish, specify below when you place your order which titles you would like us to send.

The cost of a Persephone book a month is £82 for six months or £154 for twelve months, plus postage of £3 per book within the UK i.e. a total of £100 for six months or £190 for twelve months; to send it overseas, the cost is more but the postage is included in the price calculated at checkout.

Do get in touch if you have any questions about the Persephone book a month.

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