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14 June 2017


Edith Zangwill, about whom Persephone readers will be hearing a great deal more: we publish her novel The Call in October 2018, to coincide with the anniversary of the (very partial) granting of the vote to women in 1918. Reading The Call is both fascinating and horrifying (and oddly gripping). And it is extraordinary to read about the suffragettes being routinely kicked, abused, having stones thrown at them – by men, normal, or seemingly normal, Englishmen. And why? For what? Often The Call reminds one very much of our present struggle – for kindness, sanity, tolerance, calmness and rationality; which alas in 2017 is symbolised by the struggle to remain in Europe, whereas a hundred years ago it was symbolised by the struggle to get votes for women. Come to think of it, the suffragettes had SO many things in common with remainers. Plus ca change…

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