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30 April 2018


The Decorative Arts Society (which is an excellent organisation, details here) last week organised a walk round Bloomsbury in the footsteps of William Morris. It was led by Alec Forshaw, author of the excellent book about 49 Great Ormond Street An Address in Bloomsbury which we sell in the shop. First we went to 19 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, which was designed (as an office building for Ruskin’s solicitor) by Morris’s close friend and colleague Philip Webb in 1868. Number 19 is still a solicitor’s premises but is well worth a look from the outside, especially because of the beautiful railings along the front. (Photograph taken from Buildington.)  More details about ‘the fields’ here: they are definitely vaut le detour, being one of London’s hidden gems, the largest public square in London.

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